Report Errors or Omissions
This Error /Omission form is NOT for region submissions to GTFO.  Go to maps Home page for the GTFO location set up link.
This page is specifically for missing locations on the GTFO Maps that are already set up or errors in LM's, Spelling, locations etc.
In other words, if you found something on these maps I messed up.
SL Name :
Need to be able to look you up so I can confirm with you the information and let you know it's been fixed.
Region name :
Region name that you have a concern about
Error concern :
Please provide a valid SL link.  It will make this concern to be resolved faster
Concern Details :
Thank you for making these maps better for everyone.  Please fill as much detail as possible so I can get the Maps updated faster.
Do you wish to be notified when the changes you have requested are completed ?
You can also report and errors directly to Cam Maximus in the Second Life Program
If you can give me the page name ie:  Satori - Marine  
That would be very helpful
Map that has the concern :